Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tuesday 1/7/14 seabrook ice dolphin

Ice Dolphin, Seabrook Island scenes

    We feel bad for you all in the north who are dealing with sub-zero temperatures, but we have our own problems too.  A big one emerged today on Seabrook Island.  We got ice on our dolphins.  That’s right, ice on our dolphins.  How is any self-respecting sub-tropical island going to be taken seriously with ice on its dolphins?

     I spent the day at PJ’s on Seabrook Island, photo of him soon enough.  The golf courses are really nervous with these low temperatures, so I have not been out yet on Kiawah or Seabrook.  I stopped by Seabrook, and I could feel the nervousness in the head pro.  I guess these places get a lot of money invested in these plants, and when temperatures get down to 19 or 20 degrees a lot of them are in danger.  I imagine the species are not as hardy as the northern cousins, but hopefully all pull through it ok.  But I have not had a mosquito bite in days, so something good is coming out of it.
     I shot some decent shots and twilight looked like a bust, so I drove back and went inland with PJ for  bit.  But there was a hidden hole in the clouds – the sky lit up twenty mins after sunset.  I guess ya cant get ‘em all.  But a decent day with the camera anyway.

    High tide at sunset this Saturday and full moon high tide at sunrise a week from now, so hopefully I have some good spots scouted out and the conditions are right.  Pj had been working on some green pea soup for a few days that came out awesome for lunch and I was able to cook dinner.  Great day.  All have a happy Wednesday


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