Friday, January 10, 2014

Seabrook Island 5

Seabrook Island; SC

     It has been a few days of solitude – at night all I can hear is the waves crashing.  Seabrook has been good for photos – I will shoot here a few more times and then get some shots on Kiawah.  As with all of these beautiful coastal islands, I know I will leave having only gotten a small percentage of the photo opportunities that were here.  The bug was a cool looking subject, and when I went to get a shower I found this little fellow there waiting to shower with me.

     I have tried my hand enough at video now to know I stink.  I have a lot to learn, and hope to publish the first video next week.   If I can do one good video a week for a while that will be enough.  They are very data intensive and take forever to upload to the internet.

     The deer on Seabrook Island have never heard of venison.  They will let you get within a hundred feet or so.  One of the men on the golf course told me about an albino deer here – and showed me a few shots on his cell phone.  I have been keeping an eye for it – I would love to capture a photo.  I chased an eagle for the better part of an hour today and could not get it in range of my lens.  Maybe one day I will have the equipment to get those images beyond a couple hundred feet.

     I was allowing myself to worry about the future a bit today, but reigned it back in quickly.  I have a lot of hopes for this to work – if the research for the clinic can be done through MUSC millions of people stand to have a huge improvement in their life.  But a huge chunk of the meditation list did not make the transition to the blog and I can let myself get discouraged.  But, I can only try to live in solutions.

     Great article coming up tomorrow, and another I am trying to get completed for Sunday.  I will do my best to keep on delivering quality content.

Have a great Friday

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